Cast Stone Standards
CAST STONE Institute Address

NEW – Standards for Design - Fabrication - Installation of Architectural Cast Stone

Appropriate and accurate specification, fabrication and installation of Cast Stone is essential.

The Cast Stone Institute® worked through The Masonry Society (TMS) to create new consensus based standards for Architectural Cast Stone design, fabrication and installation. The TMS Cast Stone Committee is a technical committee operating under TMS and is made up of architects, engineers, Cast Stone Producers, masons, industry experts, professors and others who were charged with the drafting, balloting, and maintaining new standards for the production, design and construction of Architectural Cast Stone products using the ANSI approved consensus procedures of The Masonry Society.

These new Architectural Cast Stone Standards were adopted by the International Code Council (ICC) into the 2018 version of the International Building Codes (IBC).

These new standards, which reference ASTM standards and CSI technical documents, are legally binding and supersede industry based technical specifications as of October 10, 2016. Copies can be purchased through The Masonry Society at directly under Publications or by using this link.