Value Engineering for Economy




Stone Coursing Table

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Details for Economy:  Do's & Don'ts

Plate #29


"L" Shapes, "U" Shapes and Feather Edges

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Plate #28


Drips, Reglets and Support Systems

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Plate #26


Draft, Support Systems and Radius Pieces

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Plate #27


Miscellaneous Column Details

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Window Sills

Plate #07


Typical Lug and Slip Sills

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Parapet Coping

Plate #17


Control Joint Details

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Flashing & Bond

Plate #18


Parapet Coping Details

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Metal Stud Wall Systems

Plate #09a


Water table, Sill, Header and Coping - Elevation

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Plate #09b


Water table, Sill, Header and Coping - Details

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Plate #08


Rustication, Chamfer and Smooth with Masonry, Steel and Concrete Backup

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