Cast Stone Institute Producer Member 10 Year Limited Product Warranty

  • As of January 1, 2011, all Certified Cast Stone Institute Producing Members will provide a 10 year Limited Product Warranty for the Cast Stone they supply on projects.

    Continuing to lead the industry, the Cast Stone Institute (CSI) Producer Members voted on October 8, 2010 to adopt the language for a 10 year Limited Product Warranty. CSI Institute Producer Members are aware of the evolving environment for products in the marketplace that demand sustainability, durability and useable service life. This warranty demonstrates that CSI Producer Members embrace these principles and produce product that will stand the test of time.

    WHO IS The Cast Stone Institute?
    The Cast Stone Institute®, founded in 1927, is an organization of certified Cast Stone Manufacturers and related professionals committed to developing standards and promoting the use of cast stone. We continually strive to encourage, through research, development and member training, the continual improvement of cast stone’s unique characteristics and educate designers and users of cast stone on the inherent value, quality and best practices in the use of cast stone.

    Certified Producer Members of the Cast Stone Institute are engaged in the relentless pursuit of excellence in manufacturing. Prior to admission, each potential producer member must submit to a rigorous examination of product quality, safety, testing (including freeze thaw) and meticulous record keeping. They must submit test data twice a year and undergo the recertification process every other year with unannounced inspections. The results of these efforts include consistently high product quality, through continuous improvement in manufacturing methods and materials, and the assurance that Cast Stone Institute Certified member plants are “on the job” keeping cast stone a premier building material. The Cast Stone Institute, through its standing committees, disseminates current information and standards regarding the design, manufacturing, installation and use of cast stone.
    As of January 1, 2011, all Certified Producing Members of the Cast Stone Institute will provide a 10 year Limited Product Warranty for the cast stone they supply on projects. This is yet one more way to showcase the commitment to quality product for the customers. A copy of the warranty is available via the link below.

    What is Cast Stone?
    Cast Stone is a premier masonry product that provides ornamental or functional features to buildings and other structures as per ASTM C1364-10. It is made from fine and coarse aggregates, Portland cement, mineral oxide color pigments, chemical admixtures and water. Cast stone products are available in virtually any color, and will give the appearance of a variety of natural building stones including but not limited to limestone, granite, slate, travertine or marble. Applications for Cast Stone range from the simplest windowsills to the most complicated architectural elements.

    Properly manufactured, Cast Stone has the same or stronger physical properties as most dimensional building stone. Properly selected and installed, cast stone can result in an architectural project of enduring beauty to be enjoyed for decades. Care and installation of cast stone are referenced in many of the Cast Stone Institute publications and tech bulletins available on this website.

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