Parapet Coping -
Control Joint Details

When installed properly, Cast Stone coping is the best type of moisture protection for a masonry wall. Coping provides aesthetic treatment, bonds with the masonry and is relatively maintenance-free.

Coping should be thoroughly drenched with clean, potable water and then set in a full bed of mortar with the bed joint raked back 1/2" for gun-in of sealant. Head joints are left open to receive properly placed backer rod, primer and sealant. The backer rod should be placed parallel to the wash of the coping.

Bridge coping over control joints to maximize their effectiveness and us an elastic joint as shown. All coping should have a minimum 1/2" wash to control water runoff.

For maximum economy, either maintain consistent spacing between control joints to permit modularity in lengths of masonry bound stones or allow a special length stone at each control joint.

Where 1”+ projections occur, drips should be provided to break the return of water to the wall.

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