Quoins -
Rustication, Chamfer and Smooth with Masonry, Steel and Concrete Backup

Three different types of quoins are shown following sheet: rusticated, chamfered and smooth.  on the following sheet: rusticated, chamfered and smooth. They are shown attached to various types of backup.

Quoins should be sized in length to match the running bond of the brickwork and must match brick coursing in height, minus one joint.

Two anchor slots are provided in the top and bottom of these stones to receive ashlar anchor strap #5. Alternatively, a continuous anchor slot may be used instead. This eliminates the need to pinpoint anchor locations in the field - a common source of confusion and delay.

The cost for each type of quoin shown here may be approximately the same per cubic foot. The amount of time required to place a chamfer or rustication in the mould is almost negligible, due to the amount of repetition intrinsic to this type of work.

Labor costs are substantially reduced by large quantities of typical pieces.

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