Metal Stud Wall Systems -
Water table, Sill, Header and Coping with Metal Stud Wall System

Details of anchoring with metal stud wall systems can usually be derived from the conventional methods after special attention is given to the structural considerations of this type of wall system.

Anchors tie the veneer to the backup; they must be stiff enough to resist tension and compression, but flexible enough to not resist shear. This flexibility permits in-plane differential movements between the backup and the veneer which are essential to the wall system. Lateral loads are shared by both the veneer and the backup. Therefore, corrugated metal brick ties should never be used in connecting the veneer wall to metal studs.

There should be a minimum of two anchor straps per stone and sufficient brick ties in accordance with the recommendations of your Engineer. The Brick Institute of America suggests one brick tie for each 2-2/3 sq. foot of wall area to tie back plain veneer.

Sheathing must be securely attached to both sides of the studs. Sheathing must be rigid and properly attached for it to be effective.

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